Saturday, 25 December 2010


My people, this time it really has been a while but abeg its not easy to write abi blog..its even harder when u’re on Twitter which is our ‘blog-on-the-go’ program…Also being in lag doesn’t even make it any easier cos there are (in my case) lots off distractions.

I’ve been in lag and a lot has happened after ‘The experience’ but im’ma try to remember it all and put it up here for my reference and your viewing appaz (that’s new lingo for apparently) the trips started for me as I attended barbie’s induction into N.I.M (yeah she’s smart like that)..from there, we ‘controlled’ @Eselyzo11 , @Sumbyjay and @bleezers...Lemme deviate here and introduce you to @bleezers, he’s a great guy, met him on twitter and he seemed like a great guy plus I think he’s having/had a thing for my friend @sumbyjay…so after induction rites and ish, we all headed to Ozone to do a movie and just hang goal was just to give Barbie a good time in we get there and decide to do ‘Social Network’..great movie by the way, lotsa sarcastic lines and stuff…we had a ball and it was worth every minute…sometimes, just being with the ones u care for makes u feel more alive..

That was actually the last time I gotta see her before she travelled back outta lag..and call me chicken or yella but I still didn’t bring up any heart im back to square one In lag and I just had to find events to fill up my calendar for the remaining days of my holiday…Appaz (yeah that word again..) there was a Twitter party coming up on the weekend, also my secondary sch reunion and weddings too..i had to choose which to attend, decided to do Twiterave and d reunion and beach party on Sunday…

The decision to attend Twiterave was borne outta d desire to just meet new people especially some peeps on my Saturday night 11pm at Number 10..before then though, I dropped in to Galleria around 7pm to do a there late but couldn’t cos d movie had started already, so I waltzed into the sports bar and chilled watching barca humiliate someone 5-1…spotted a chic playing snooker, looking all ‘set’..all I could say was “only in lagos” and I licked my lips..Got to number 10 around 9.30pm for the blue carpet thingy…yels o, I’m a celebrity toh badt..paparazzi cameras flashing and thingz..had to check my name on the guest list, standing between two agberos bouncers was the most innocent and sekcy doormen doorlady I had ever seen…she wasn’t too tall though, so while looking for my name, I had fun checking her out..*wink*…walking in and discovered I was sooo early..chilled at the bar and after getting tired of waiting, walked out to get some air..
While waiting, I saw her and it was so so easy to recognize her cos she definitely STANDS OUT..yeah @exschoolnerd came towards me and we exchanged pleasantries, introductions and all…she was also tired of the whole waiting thing and oh yeah…she was tired after attending funturf earlier in the day. Still chilling together and @toptosyn comes over, looking all dapper (more intros done)..engaged in chit-chat while waiting for Tweeps to turn up..and then doorlady leaves her post and comes towards us and I didn’t dull o…introduced myself (sharply) and discovered she’s @JustAdivaa…

Long story short sha, somehow somehow, I assisted @justAdivaa at door duties, had lots of red bull to keep me awake and agile..eventually joined in the parry but it was kinda like groupies and stuff and for people like us who came alone, we were seriously on a long tin…chilled with @exschoolnerd and @justAdivaa all thru, danced with myself and we (me n myself) had fun..met @walegafar who also chilled with us..stayed there till about 5am…it was fun but could have been better IMO…

Pls eh…Sleep is catching me right now, cos its Christmas night and im Uber tired but before I go , lemme South Shout to some people who have made my blog worth writing…

Eve..though u’ve found a Quality guy..u will always hold a special place in my heart and I mean ALWAYS!! Merry Xmas

Barbie…though u’re listed second, U know that U r (not officially yet sha) my number one and I don’t believe in Santa but u’re one Gift I want wrapped in ‘forever’…Merry xmas

Iris…what can I say? My ever reliable pyramid…love ya

@Sumbyjay…put simply, ure one of my bright spots of 2011…im blessed to know u

@bleezers…guy, lookin fwd to a deeper friendship in 2011

@exschoolnerd…tanx for clogging my TL and for not being stuck up when we met…ure good people, looking fwd to a real friendship in 2011

@ThelmaTweets a breath of fresh air, a true friend…if only tweeps cud enjoy u like I do, but I aint ready to share sha…love u

Ok..the list ain’t done, I’ll do a follow up probli before the new year…

This sleep is wrapping me up mehn so pardon the gbagauns u’ll see but if u don’t wanna pass, its my blog, I can gbagaun all I want while u can like to use Vaseline to fry dodo…mtscheeew!!!


  1. I'm now officially madt for missing twitterave! Kinds words frm yu! Good person u are and a real friend to me.

  2. Aaaaaaw, my dizzle!!! U knw u mean the world 2 me...& u always will. :* Thank u 4 everything...