Saturday, 22 May 2010


Dear You,

This is the first time that I’m writing to you [and in fact to be honest, this is the first time that I’m writing anybody] but I’ve been trying so hard to reach you and this is a last resort.

The reason I’ve been trying so hard is that I have a very important message for you. Listen, I want you to take this seriously, but also...I...I really don’t know how to put this is easy terms. So I’ll just say it like it is okay?

You are dying.

I’m sorry; forgive my rudeness I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t introduced myself. I am YOU. Yes I know it’s shocking to get a letter from yourself but like I said, I’ve tried every other method to catch your attention and now have to resort to this.

I am you – or more accurately, Y.O.U.

What was that you asked? Who exactly am I? But I told you before - Oh! I didn’t tell you what Y.O.U stands for – my apologies. I am Your Own Uniqueness...

I’m the reason you’re not a clone.

Although you try so hard to make me go away. And judging by how much you purposely try and resemble EVERYBODY else in your age and social groups – I’d say you’re also trying very hard to be a clone...but get this -

You are dying.

Do you understand that? I know that over the years you have built a mechanism to hear those words but refuse to understand or dwell on the concept, so I want you to pause and really understand what I am telling you – You. Are. Dying

There is nothing you can do to stop it. No way to avoid it. As sure as there is a sun in the sky. You Will Die. And it has already begun, with every passing day...

We have so little time so please quit trying to figure how someone else did it, or trying to copy the exact path someone else followed to ‘make it’. You are not them, but more importantly, they are not you.

Use you/Y.O.U for the betterment of someone else and you’ve found happiness; silence the noisy voices of this clueless raving mad world, listen to God. Listen to your heart – and you’ve found you

Why am I writing this to you? First to tell you, remind you, clearly of your impending death, and to ask you to QUIT complaining! You have things to do. A major mark to leave on this world, get to it!

I don’t even want to hear any of your tired excuses..i can’t just...’ or the usual ‘How do you expect me to simply...’

Oh puhleease...

There’s no second shot. No ‘later I will’. LIFE IS NOT A TEST DRIVE!!! This is ALL you have. One shot and it’s over. So quit it with the petty excuses


No More Excuses. No More Delays. Why’re you still reading this anyway? Drop this RIGHT NOW and get out a sheet of paper and start to list all the things we’re going to accomplish in the next two hours. RIGHT NOW

Don’t even play games with me. I know you, remember? I AM YOU. What do you mean that you don’t have any dreams? No plans? I know that little thing in the back of your head that you’ve been trying to ignore for years. That thing you would have really loved to do but ‘this is Nigeria and those kind of things don’t work here’.

For the sake of both of us, be quiet and obey Nike


Yes I know it costs money, Umm-hmm I know you are not qualified for it. I know there’s no time. We can continue talking about it while you start doing it.

What if you fail? What’s the worst that can happen? You don’t make any money. So what? You don’t become a superstar – and then? Wetin Happen?

God is real. Y.O.U’re real. Love it or hate it. Admit it or not.


You Are Dying. You Are Not A Clone. Accept It. I Am Your Own Uniqueness. Accept Me. You Have A Dream. Dreams....plural, but it all starts with just one...

Just Do It!


You want to know HOW to do it? How to write me back? How to get your dreams out of your head and into reality? There’s a sheet of paper after this that can get you started

This is a long letter, but this is it. The rest is up to YOU. Please extend my greetings to the family and your friends – you’ve hidden me from them for a while but I hope I’ll meet them soon...
I hope they get to meet Y.O.U...

Yours Sincerely


  1. this is really inspiring. keep it up brother am really proud of you.(am not too far from you)

  2. Hi, Kelvin.

    Is there any way to share this Y.O.U write-up on FB. It is truly powerful.

    Please keep up the great articles, o...More of God's enablement always!!!

    Pls reply via FB. I might not get it here as I won't know when exactly you'll want to reply. Thanks.