Sunday, 13 February 2011


Aloha! Bienvenue! Welcome once again to 5mins of reading what will eventually turn out to be a refreshingly relaxing good read (that’s if u can read), it might take 10mins if u hate scrolling side to side (like I do) using ur Blackberry, it could even take 30mins for you to see this page if you are using a NOservice provider such as EmpTyHen…but anyhoos, indulge me yet again.

Allow me to state at this point that this post is a kinda deviation from my previous, not funny and is gonna be quite nostalgic and as such I hereby recommend u grab a hanky or two for when the tears start falling. But then again, who r u deceiving? U and I know that no one is watching you and you use your ever-reliable shirt sleeve to clean your eyes and blow out your buttery looking snort..go ahead jare! Nothing do you. This post was actually inspired by Facebook, yes, Facebook!! U know, Facebook is like your ex-girlfriend, you had so much fun times and then all of a sudden, u get bored and a new exciting chic comes your way and u’re on to the next one!(Me I don’t do that sha) but u do! you good-for-nothing lowlife heartbreakers!!! At times, I wonder how facebook feels when she sees YOU strutting arm in arm with Twitter, she doesn’t complain though- shes consoled by the fact that YOU still visit early in the mornings to check YOUR schedule and sometimes in the day to give her YOUR new pictures, its Hi5 that is totally shattered sha, I head she’s now strutting herself on the streets seeking customers since no one knows her address anymore or even the password to ‘enter’ her. SHEEET!!! How did we get here? I said this was inspired by facebook, not ABOUT facebook! Ok Kelv, concentrate…moving on…Today, I wanna take us back a lil’ bit to when men were boys and women were girls…oh! I haven’t told u the correlation between Fb and this? *sigh* Fb represents our history, our today we are going to be remembering some things from the good old days…I started a Trending Topic on Twitter #UareNotInMyGeneration to help bring back the memories and they came flooding im’ma share some, feel free to add more in the comments section…

Remember those nites of PALACE, CANDLELIGHT. CHECKMATE, BEHIND D CLOUDS..8pm things
Remember how we used 2stay up to watch niteshift on DBN?
Remember telematch?
Remember how your heroes growing up were Hulk Hogan, Ultimate warrior, Bruce lee etc? now u're wondering why u're such a thug?
Remember when MARIO was d best game around and u could kill for a Gameboy or Nintendo?
Remember how u saved 2buy ur left n right game and in your mind that brick racing game rocked?
Remember when church services just meant ice cream after service?
Ladies Remember when all you could do to ur hair was jerry curl and perming? who brought all these horse hair tins sef...mtscheew!!!
Remember where u were when kanu's goal sunk brazil @ atlanta 96? That was when Kanu was 35!
Remember AIT jamz with kenny n d1 rockin fubu baby….AGBAYAS!! and now Kenny sings?! SHAME! LAME!
Remember how u used 2 wait til dec 31 to dub ur favorite songs from the Top 100?
Remember rewind + stop + play trying 2get d lyrics of a song so you could write in that love letter? and ending the letter with xxx and 'sealing with a kiss?" ..pathetic people..smh
Guys remember wearing 2trousers n thinking it was cool? and how u used to 'chest' cane?
Girls remember when d only joint u knew were barbeach n water parks…(I wish that never changed)?
Remember when bread was N10 n pure water was sold in nylons?
You, Bad Guy!! Remember how you cried when you watched Titanic??
Remember Domitilla and that first 'naked scene' in Glamour Girls? we wanted to crucify Eucharia but nowadays, just bring cossy and its all cosy!!
Remember Chike n d river, Eze goes to sch, Ali and Simbi? if u don't it means u went to night school or u didn't go at all...
Remember when Dec 25th meant watching 'jesus of Nazareth' all day?
Remember CRUSH, PARLE SODA...and Sunday rendezvous (just to drink Limca)
Remember when Junior & pretty were ur heroes? and it wasnt cool 2b called Bolanle or Monica?
Remember when Tv started at 4pm?
Remember babadudu, ofio,oyakaka TastyTime, gogo and M&K?
Remember when to toast a girl just involved a letter and a tape of her fave songs?
Remember sagem mc320, talkabout,alcatel n ur sim of 80k
Remember 'My book of Bible stories?' what's that? and u wonder why ure a sinner...smh
Remember NITEL cards and how u used to store them in freezers to recharge?
Remember reading Nackson magazines guys? me i didnt read sha...seriously!!
Remember the 3 orange men? no seriously, wat was that all about? I wonder what colour they are now…
Remember Birdman, SuperTed, Dodo the kid from outer space, OvideVideo , DoctorWho?
Ladies, remember the Butterfly dance? Imagine yourself doing that today…y'all looked like you were releasing your butt muscles for more effective farts...
Remember CableTel and how you tuned your TV to get it, Clapperboard, NTA 7(if u still have this channel ehn…)
Remember the early day music videos done in AIT studios? 2face them had humble beginnings sha, wearing vests and ish...and d guy still wore vest in African Queen video, Thank God for watever/whoever showed him d light
Remember how when (is this even correct english?) anyway, Remember how when your folks wanted to go get shoes for u, they'd measure your foot with a broomstick?
Remember those soaps: The Rich also cry, Secrets of the sand (7:30-8:30pm Tues n wed), Wild Rose, Maria des Los angeles
Remember sledgeHammer and Lois & clark?

I could go on and on…but im just gonna stop here so u don’t cry a river and flood your home…yeah, I needed to put this up here for posterity (whatever that means) and err..also cos I felt like writing something..Meanwhile, in other news, there is no other news!

I hope to see u again when the next post is out and I’m back to my normal annoying self, for my beefers and Haters, @MsJazzyfied has advised me to slap y’all, I really would have loved to but the love of the Lord constraineth me and this MFM church near my house has given me a better idea, its called FIRE!!!

*Dances butterfly galala out of stage to the tune of ACE by Sir Shina Peters*


  1. pure water in nylons LOL.. and i cried wen i was watching titanic 4 d 1st time :p... those days tins mehn

    Remember playin game-box, 'rain ball'?
    Remember d cool adverts we had those days? goody-goody, procold etc?
    Remember Samurai X, godzilla, Power Rangers?
    Remember Atakara? walking around wit ur teacher and slate in ur hand all morning?! (where were u pple goin sef?)
    Remember dat penalty shootout we lost against cameroun in lagos? (i cried) wen we used to ashually care about d super eagles?
    Remember jaguar(jagwa.. i dont knw how itis spelt)???? my belle o, my head o?? may his soul R.I.P
    Remember Clarus, Gringori??? (wots d name of dat muvee sef?)
    Remember wen watching porn was a no go area? how u wan take c/get d film na!? it took real guts! (dese dayz kids have it on their fones! Mscheeew!)
    Remember Frank Olize? God bless dat man!
    And so on.....

    #ThumbsUp Bro... good article

  2. Man.... Memories.
    Good stuff, though. Totally made my day.

  3. ok 4 this i think i'm gonna need 'my secret magic word'...hehehe

  4. Lmao!!! i remember everythn.... !! nice!! i remember jaguar and wiliwili, lagos na wa!!!

  5. Hahaha! Great memories, my childhood rocked die!
    I remember playing mommy n daddy and cooking sand
    Apapa amusement park
    Going to father xmas grotto
    Cadbury breakfast telly
    WWF, jake d snake, undertaker, andrew d giant and co
    Primary 3 when I started writing wit biro...hehehe
    ...Great post as always!

  6. LMAO @honeyaderemi, i remember playing mummy and daddy too...hehe can't imagine those days are no more! and my, i played dodge ball every day after school!
    Nice post!!

  7. Any one whuu says dat they dint remember shld go And.... Guy u let 'em kno wel i also remember tales by moonlight planta butter treetop juice. thos good 'ol days thanx mahn for d memories sha its all gud nice trend tho Bigups mahn @bubu009